Established 1946 by Benno and Franz Weiss

Area: 34.000 m²

Production Area: 12.100 m²

Employees: 195

Injection mold machines: 60

Clamp force: up to 4000 KN

Shot weight: 0,01 - 1400 g

Material silos: 30





In September 2007 we extended the company and in addition to our main plant in the South German town of Illertissen we now operate a second manufacturing plant in Györ, Hungary.

Area: 25.000 m²

Production Area: 5.200 m²

Employees: 95

Injection mold machines: 22





Weiss Plastics Processing Company is a middle size family business. We have specialized ourselves in manufacturing injection molds and technical supplies for the injection molding branch. We have been active in this branch for over 50 years which entitles us to call ourselves “pioneers” in plastics processing.

Our main expertise lies in:

  • Technical consulting
  • Manufacturing injection molds
  • Technically advanced injection molded parts
  • Sub assembly installation
  • System supplier


Our business philosophy consists of:

  • Independence through multiple branches and client profiles
  • Flexibility
  • Fast response
  • Client orientation


To ensure continued success our first priority is given to investments in machinery, production resources and facilities. The average age of our machines is about five and a half years. In addition by working with out of house and prototype forms we maintain an exchange of a state of the art technical knowledge. We are willing to invest in new technology like 2K technology and gas injection when the situation arises.  We are by nature prepared to invest in the future.